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what might have been lost

I struggle for want of comfort too often.

I feel as if its ok that I dont want to do something that would make me uncomfortable because Im just a little girl that doesnt have to put herself out there to get hurt. in many ways this is true, and at the same time its not really that good of an excuse.

where is my confidence really? in what I wear? who I spend time with? how good I think my photos are? how cute the people around me are? where I go?

how about this: Job 4:6 “Is not your fear of God your confidence,and the integrity of your ways your hope?”

um….yes. when we lack fear it is detrimental to us. being fearless can cost you your life. there is none more dangerous than God and there is none more wonderful.

must I always seek my own comfort, or shouldnt I rely on Him to take care of that aspect?

yes I lack confidence and I just want to put on my socks and run somewhere I know very well, but in the face of this world, is this really the right direction for me to run? to my comfortable safe zone that is just for me.  this word me  is all I can think of, me and my comfort. I hate it. I pray that I am given Gods heart. His eyes, His heart, His wants, desires, passions. dont let me stay locked up inside my safety circle, please kick me out of it and make me depend on HIS comfort.

i am so sinful that Christ died for me.              

i am so loved that Christ died for me.


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