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open up a brand new door

here are the photos melanie and I have been planning for so long. we went and got the rope and then talked about it way too much and finally we just did it. I thought at first I would not be pleased at all with the outcome. I think all the build up of going out in the woods, carrying things, climbing up in a tree on branches that should rightly be called twigs in shoes that are not made for climbing or anything of that likeness. then tieing her hands and hearing her pain as well as seeing it. watching her hands turn purple and her face change expression the instant she had to stop standing on the ladder. but l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n.

(photos of the new hair are in here too! we were so excited to finally cut her hair! she loves it and i agree, its wonderful. princess abby cut it)

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